Holds a ton of stuff.

Really like the size of this bag, and it holds a ton of stuff. The carry strap is the best I have encountered and the EDC pocket is excellent. Having a MOLLE panel is excellent and the ability to cover it up gives give the bag a very discreet overall profile. If I could make a change it would be to the horizontal pockets on the inside of the bag as items tend not to stay in place. I would prefer to have only a couple of small pockets with hook and loop material. Overall, this is the best messenger bag that I have used and will buy more Vertx in the future.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Vertx - EDC Courier Messenger Bag

Awesome glasses.

I absolutely love these glasses. I own two pair, and bought a pair for my wife and two sons as well. I've owned a pair for about a year for work and recently purchased a second pair so that I don't have to worry about carrying them back and forth from home to the office.

These glasses have saved me from the horrible headaches I used to get after staring at a computer screen all day at work. I no longer suffer from eye fatigue either. These are worth every penny that they cost! Additionally, the buying experience with GOVX is first rate. Quick shipping and I have never had a single issue!

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Gunnar Optiks - Intercept - Advanced Computer Eyewear

Comfortable cargo.

These are the most comfortable tactical pants I've ever owned. They have a soft cotton feel with plenty of pockets for your gear. It's perfect when you are going somewhere like court or another professional building and you don't want to look too aggressive by wearing normal tactical cargos. I only wish they had a front slit pocket so I can carry my small flashlight or pen.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: 5.11 Tactical - Covert Cargo Pant

Handy hatchet.

I've had one of these for awhile now. I love it. Nicely balanced, sturdy and well made. Torx screws instead of rivets make me feel a bit better about the construction. If it loosens up, (which it hasn't yet) it'll be easy to tighten back up. Grip/handle is a little small but easy to fix with some grip tape which would be a good idea anyway plus you can add your own lanyard. Only thing is the price. It still seems a bit high. I can't remember if I paid this much for mine or not. But it is a great little hatchet with a nice nylon cover which isn't pictured.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: SOG Knives - Final Sale - Tactical Tomahawk

Amazing shoes.

These shoes are outstanding, took them on my trip to Ireland and the UK and beat the hell out of them! They look broken in but are holding together like new. I made them my everyday shoes because of it. I'll be ordering a second pair for training soon. Highly recommend these shoes if you're looking for a good trainer shoe.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: 5.11 Tactical - Recon Trainer

Best price out there!

There's really nothing to say about Ray-Bans and their quality. Best of the best. This review is on the super low price. I checked the Navy and Army exchanges and the lowest price of this model was $130. You'd be a sucker to not take advantage of this deal.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Ray-Ban - New Wayfarer Sunglasses

Not bad, not bad at all!

I bought this to replace my Bose Soundlink Mini that I was taking to work. I work in a warehouse and it is dirty and dusty! I did not think that I was going to be satisfied with the Braven but I am happy to report that was not the case, it sounds great! It's loud enough where I hear it perfectly over the noise of forklifts and any other loud noise you would expect in a warehouse. I haven't dropped it yet to see if its truly durable but I have certainly rinsed off dirt and debris from it and can say not a single water related problem with it at all. If you're looking for something to take to work, the beach or just be outside with, this speaker is for you!! It connects easily with my iPhone, the battery indicator lights are great, I haven't had the need to use the output source yet and the battery life is exceptional, on a full charge an eight-hour day at work is no problem. I actually forgot to charge it one day and was still able to use for over half the work day!!

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Braven - BRV-1 Portable Wireless Speaker - Black & Cyan

Work companion.

I work the graveyard as a security monitor. Having an ample supply of cold water is nice when staring at popups. I have a 24oz version for coffee. Being able to get both the 24 and the 64 for less then $50 total is a great perk of membership with GovX.

Best growler on the market..

This was my third Hydro Flask and all have been wonderful. This is everything it claims and more. Kept my beer cold and carbonated on the hot beach for 10 hrs even with me opening and closing it multiple times... Awesome growler.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Hydro Flask - 64oz Growler

Great product at a great price!

This replaced a vent-clip holder for my iPhone and it is great!!! Arrived on time. Easy to follow installation instructions - be sure to let dry for 24 hours as recommended to ensure adhesion to the location in your vehicle and to the back of your phone case. Once installed, it is simple and easy to use and allows you to have the optimum display location for your IPhone. Really grips tight with no slip even when going over bumps. Recommend it.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Nite Ize - Steelie Car Mount Kit

Great pants.

These are great pants. Very comfortable and light weight. I like the stretch they offer, especially with the belt loops as a riggers belt will fit. Pockets are functional; zippered back pockets are great for securing wallet and credentials. I would buy more, but my size is sold out in the other preferred color. These pants are perfect for wearing around the office, or on a long hike. I will continue to monitor this site and wait for my size to be in stock. I will definitely be buying more.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: 5.11 Tactical - Traverse Pants


I recently lost my Sound-Link (thank you Saudia Airways GRRRR!). I was drawn to the BRV-X for two unique features. 1. Water/weather-proofing. 2. It's ability to be linked simultaneously with another BRV-X (true left/right audio)... both AWESOME! What exceeded expectations were the size, weight and sound "pound for pound." Does it sounds as good as the Sound-link... no. BUT it's pretty close and it more than makes up for slightly reduced sound quality with it's other features. At least in my opinion anyway.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Braven - BRV-X Portable Wireless Speaker - Black


Wear it every Friday. Tons of thumbs up, and head nods. Fun to wear. Quiet way to support our troops.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Grunt Style - The RED T-Shirt

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