Perfect for pilots, outdoorsmen, adventurers.

The D2 is part of a line of adventure GPS watches put out by Garmin that started with the Fenix. In many ways it is exactly like the Fenix (Same case, same functionality, firmware, and sensors). A quick comparison of the two will show you that the only difference that accounts for the $50 price increase is that the D2 adds support for aviation. That means you're basically getting a Garmin Fenix with a WAAS GPS, the worldwide Jeppessen database of airports, Nearest and Direct-to functions, and integration with the Garmin Pilot app for flight plans and navigation. It also comes with a 6-month free subscription to Garmin Pilot, which in my opinion is better than Foreflight.

It has profiles for flying, hiking, hunting/fishing, sailing, skiing, running, cycling, and more. You can create your own profiles too. The profiles basically restructure the interface and GPS usage to give you tailored information to your activity. This watch is amazingly customizable. You have the ability to upgrade the firmware when you connect it to the Garmin Express program on a computer. The newest update adds Bluetooth notifications from your phone, it'll vibrate and show you a text or email. It comes with a very nice genuine leather band, but you can buy separate bands from Garmin or Amazon for pretty cheap. It'll also connect to a heart rate monitor or foot pod or any other ant+ sensor for fitness. The GPS finds satellites very quickly and is incredibly accurate, while the compass and barometer are both very effective.

Coming from an Air Force Pilot, I'd probably be using this for civilian flying as a backup to the avionics, but I'm looking forward to using it for hiking and elk hunting in the mountains, and for my workouts. It's a little on the thick side, but still looks great as an every day watch. Just be mindful of the battery life with Bluetooth or GPS on. Even then it'll last a few days each charge.

This is a great watch, I have no qualms about it to be honest. It's definitely worth the money for all it does. It's infinitely better than a Suunto GPS watch or any aviation watch out there because of the information it provides you.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Garmin - D2 Aviation Watch

Not very pretty, but comfy.

I got these so I could just jump into them for night time EMS runs but ended up wearing them to the ER for a few shifts. Standing and working on the concrete floor for 12 hours at a time is rough for any shoe. I had not even broken them in yet and these were reasonably comfortable for the entire time! No real ankle support, but you're not looking for that in this shoe. If you are, look at boots. Great traction on all surfaces so far and easy to clean, which is great because the ER can be a pretty dirty place after a trauma. Will buy another set if these hold up well.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Original S.W.A.T. - Chase Moc Men's Boots

Great pair of pants!

These are by far one of the most comfortable well fitting pair of tactical pants I have ever worn. They stretch just enough to give you full mobility yet they keep their shape. The light material keeps you from over heating and the color doesn't fade. The pockets in these pants are low profile and never look sloppy and they are more than adequate in storage space. Whether you're wearing these to work in the field and get dirty or in the office these are a great pair of pants.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: 5.11 Tactical - Traverse Pants

Better than the issued gear. Can't beat the price.

Used for two nights during a field exercise. Most of the regiment was using the USMC 3 season bag. Temps hit a low of only 27 F and most were cold even with warming layers. I opted to carry the Xtreme. Both the issued bag and this are rated about the same for temperature but this bag out performed the 3 Season. Its only drawback is it doesn't compress down as tight as some more expensive bags (or the USMC 3 season). But for the price, it's the best purchase I've made this season. Use it with a Klymit recon sleeping pad and it's better than what you can draw from supply. Stayed warm and slept straight through to morning.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Snugpak - Sleeper Xtreme Sleeping Bag

Quality product, excellent value.

I have purchased Gargoyle sunglasses in the past and will continue to do so as they provide excellent clarity and offer solid fitting while remaining light enough not to wear down your nose. I find this pair to be comfortable for long periods of time. Also, it should be noted that these glasses are polarized but do not tend to have the same effect of wiping out LCD displays as the other polarized glasses have in the past. If however, you rotate your head to an angle the screen wipes out as is typical. I’m not sure what they did to make it only affect screens at a 90 degree angle but it is a big deal to pilots, as most frames I am unable to wear due to their tendency to black out screens. The frames are rugged and are spring loaded allowing for pretty tough wear while not damaging the frame. I appreciate that the ear pieces are straight, not curved around the ear making it easier for wearing with a helmet (motorcycle) or for other active sports. The brow bar is discreet while still providing superior rigidity to the overall frame.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Gargoyles - Barricade Protection Sunglasses


This is my second G-Shock. My first still works like when I bought it, even after 6 years. I just liked the look of this one. Flat black, with blacked-out face. Very cool stealth look. I like the size as well. Smaller than the other ones you usually see. Also, light weight, which I really like. I'm a firefighter and it's great for work. Fits under my coat sleeves with no problem.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Casio - G-Shock - Solar Atomic Watch


This bag works great as a day bag to hold my gym clothes, gym shoes, uniform (AND steel toe boots), towel and hygiene bag plus an extra set of clothes. Oh, and a small tub of my pre workout.

Used it on my last trip as a carry-on. It can be stuffed under the seat in front of you, as long as it's not packed full.

The gusset on the bottom works great for dirty/wet gym clothes. Keeps other wearables dry and wearable. Side compartment is awesome. I keep a few protein bars and my iPod and headphones in there. The hard compartment is convenient, too.

I know this bag is geared toward tri-athletes, but it is perfect for active people, too.

I haven't really tested the durability, but it holds up nice with daily activity.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Ogio - Final Sale - 8.0 Athletic Duffle Bag

Should've bought this years ago.

I have a habit of seriously waiting on big purchases, and this was no exception. My wife finally just told me to get it already, and it was the best advice. This is easily the best watch I have ever owned. I wear it everyday, and I'm very, very happy with my purchase. The GovX price is the best out there. It is a good chunk of change, but you'll have it forever, so save up and get it already!

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Luminox - Recon Point Man Watch

My personal go-bag.

I take this bag with me everywhere. It holds everything I need in an emergency. It conceals my magazines and weapon great. People think it's just small sling bag. Would recommend!

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: 5.11 Tactical - 2 Banger Bag

My everyday carry knife.

This is my everyday carry knife, including on and off duty. Has a great edge, plus easy to sharpen to bring it back. Have used for everything to cutting packages to other LEO related uses and has never failed. The ease of the blade folding out is excellent; one handed and quick. A must have for on-duty or around the house. Plus its a SOG and a great price. Thank you GovX and SOG!

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: SOG Knives - Aegis - Black TiNi, Tanto, Partially Serrated Folding Knife

Awesome shorts.

I'm a big fan of HYLETE gear and these shorts don't disappoint. I never thought I'd care about a pocket in my workout shorts but these ones are really useful, especially with the zipper. Lightweight, flexible and comfortable.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: HYLETE - Vertex Zip Pocket Short

Great back up and boot knife.

Adjustable clip makes great for horizontal carry in small of back. Sheath holds well but won't rip off a belt loop when drawing quickly ... I don't think I need to explain the excellent quality of the blade (it's a Benchmade).

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Benchmade - 175 Adamas Fixed Knife

The best water bottle I've used so far.

I'm picky about my water temp when I'm at work stuck in an ambulance for 12+ hours. I used to be horrible about keeping up with my water intake because I absolutely hate drinking room temperature water. This bottle does the job. I'll fill it about 1/3 with ice and the rest with water. Even after one refill in the middle of the shift there's still ice when I get home approximately 14 hours after I initially filled it before work. Impressive!

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Hydro Flask - 32oz Wide Mouth Bottle

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