Gear Review - Ottterbox Defender for iPhone 6

Gear Review - Ottterbox Defender for iPhone 6

Ever since the advent of smartphones, first responder communities have grown to rely on them for quick information, staying in constant contact with their allies in the field, and responding quickly when calls go out. Moving from one call to the next can take a toll on a phone, even in the possession of the most sure-handed firefighter, cop, or medic.

Take a look at how Otterbox makes a difference with the firefighters of Windsor Severance Fire Rescue in Colorado:

Dropped your phone? No problem.

Let’s face it: you’re going to drop your phone from time to time. You need a case that’s built to take a beating so you can continue to rely on your device when you need it most. It wasn’t department issued, right? So it makes sense to protect your valuable investment. For years, Otterbox has established a reputation for superior smartphone protection without compromising usability. Let’s take a look at the Defender for iPhone 6.

The Defender for iPhone 6 is a triple-layered rugged case that can survive drops, bumps, and scrapes. The internal polycarbonate shell snaps around the phone, while the internal foam padding provides the cushioning and shock absorption to protect that which you most likely paid a pretty penny for. Finally, the outer synthetic rubber slip provides the last line of defense, offering additional impact resistance.

Additional first responder-friendly features

You’re used to carrying gear on your hip, so use the included clip holster to stash your phone for quick access. The holster swivels in any direction and hooks easily to belts, gear bags, or even chest rigs. It even doubles as a mini-stand for hands-free use.

The built-in touchscreen protector defends against scuffs and scratches, and the membrane even allows for full access to the Touch ID feature of your iPhone. Finally, as tough as this case is, it’s very easy to remove it with the snap-click plastic shell, should you ever need to plug your phone into a speaker dock or some other accessory.

Installation instructions


For people in tough jobs, the Defender case is an excellent choice for safeguarding the phone that you rely on the most. With more and more responders getting emergency calls on their phones, a broken device can really mess up your day and affect your job.

Our favorite story of a phone surviving incredible odds was a firefighter’s account of dropping his out of a moving fire engine and finding it working perfectly upon recovery. Do you have any stories of your phone surviving the impossible? Let’s hear them in the comments below.

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