TRIPLE FRAME ROUNDUP – SPY General vs Quanta vs Bounty

TRIPLE FRAME ROUNDUP – SPY General vs Quanta vs Bounty

SPY Optics is making sure the GovX staff is covered. They sent over three frames to try out—the General, Quanta, and Bounty—and our staff members put ‘em to the test. How did these three unique SPY frames perform? Check out the breakdown right here.

Connor salutes The General

If you want to make sure your eyes aren't bothered by any direct sunlight, the SPY General sunglasses are a good way to go. They are extremely functional, so wearing them for a week made me realize just how dysfunctional most popular sunglasses are these days.

With most sunglasses, if you’re facing away from the sun, there's a good chance that rays are sneaking right around the edge of your frames and into your eye line. I found that the General’s wide coverage has a truly impressive ability to completely protect your eyes from sunlight. No matter where the sun is in the sky, and no matter where you're looking.

Of course, this level of coverage means that these sunglasses are quite large, so keep in mind that they’re definitely not one-size-fits-all. I’m 5’10” with a hat size of 7 ⅝, they fit me just fine. Fortunately, the rubber pads on the temples make these glasses very secure, so they won't slide up or down your nose once you find the right placement. They did fog up a bit if they were positioned too close to my face, but once I found the best placement after a few minutes of wearing them, I didn’t seem to have that problem anymore.

While they did fit my face very well, I noticed that the thick frames cause one drawback: They slightly narrowed my field of vision. It's not a noticeable change when you're on foot, but when you're driving you'll see that your blind-spots are noticeably bigger. But within a couple hours of driving with these glasses, it was easy to anticipate and account for the blind-spots. It just took a little getting used to. And given how well these glasses fit me, and how effectively they blocked out direct sunlight, I would say that in terms of vision and wearability, their benefits outweigh their drawbacks.

Brent takes The Quanta to the top

The SPY Quanta is an excellent choice for outdoor activities, especially hiking or running. My pair fit nicely on my face. They never shifted, and I never had to readjust them while I was moving fast over the trails and rocks. I’m very certain the rubber pads at the temples, and particularly the nose are responsible for their secure fit.

Also, the Quantas have vents on the side which are designed to let air flow and prevent the lens from fogging up. I can report, this is definitely no gimmick. With other glasses, like my Oakley Whiskers, when I’m hiking, my head tends to a sweat a lot especially in bright sunlight, and those lenses can get fogged up pretty easily. I didn’t have this problem with the Quantas. I had clear vision all the way from the lake to the top of Mt. Woodson, every step of the way.

As for the fit and appearance: I already mentioned how I admired their secure fit on my head, which was great. For appearance, at first I thought they looked a little big on my face, but the frame grew on me. I have a pretty small head (5’9” and my hat size is 6 ⅞) and I feel like these might have an even better look on someone a little taller and with a slightly larger face, but I still ultimately appreciated how they looked on me. The glasses are very popular, and they sell very well on GovX, so plenty of people must like how they look on them!

I’d probably reserve the Quantas mostly for athletic activities. I think I’ll keep these in my arsenal for runs, kayaking, and other activities like that. They worked excellently on the trail when I was sweating like crazy, so I’ll definitely bring them along the next time I decide a scale a mountain.

Max cashes in The Bounty

The Spy Bounty glasses fit me very well. They were very comfortable and fit to my head quite nicely. They’re a pretty lightweight frame, and comfortable and unobstructive enough to the point where it felt like I could forget I was even wearing them. They’re built sturdily and I feel like they could take a lot of abuse, but seeing as these glasses were on loan to me, I decided to forgo my normal routine of wrestling bears and instead just wore them around the beach.

The glasses displayed a great effectiveness in blocking out sunlight—and the haters—during my morning drive to La Jolla or walking around during the day. Their previously mentioned level of comfort directly correlated to their utility, they were quite effective at protecting my precious eyes from harmful UV rays. You know how sometimes you can get eye fatigue by a bright day, even wearing sunglasses? I didn’t get that feeling with the Bounty. I usually rock a pair of Knockaround sunglasses, just because I prefer the style, but compared to the Bounty, that frame falls well short in terms of utility.

Men and women alike commented on how devilishly handsome the glasses made me look, even when I wasn't wearing them.

Seriously, though, I loved the feel of the glasses and can highly recommend them to people for their utility and comfort, but personally I didn’t enjoy the look of the glasses. They simply are not my type of shades, but I think the right person could sport them well. Don’t read it as a gripe though, if you’re looking for comfort and utility and a durable frame, go cash in on the Bounty.

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Eric S.

3/20/2015 9:46 PM

Absolutely love the General's that SPY sent me. I have a larger head and they fit perfect and cover my whole field of vision. Love the finish of them as well and the rubberized nose pieces and arm tips hold them very securely as well. My Generals are my new favorite shades! Thanks SPY!