Our members often say it best. One of our active-duty Air Force members wrote up his thoughts on three blades he purchased here on GovX. Do you want to review your GovX purchases? Find the item you purchased and click the Product Review tab on the bottom of each page.

All right, let’s rock. Let’s talk about some knives, shall we?

SOG Trident 2.0

The SOG Trident 2.0 is a big knife. Its leather sheath hangs low off your belt, and people notice the shimmer of silver from the handle, and its profile definitely makes a statement. The sheer presence of this knife, in large part, is why I bought it. I legally carry a concealed firearm, but I think a knife may provoke a different response than a gun. The Trident sends the same message a gun does, but in a way that is more acceptable to society.

The first thought that came to my mind when I picked up this knife is ‘heirloom quality.’ It is a knife that can be used and passed on to your son when the time is right. I’ve only got one complaint with this knife, and that’s the sheath. SOG inexplicably used plastic snaps for the retention strap and the sharpening stone case. Seems like a weak point on an otherwise strong package. Snaps are replaceable though, so at the end of the day it may not be that big of a deal.

This is a workman’s knife and a hunter’s knife. The Trident 2.0 is a large tool that feels solid in your hand and heavy on your hip—it begs to be used. The leather sheath is nice enough and adds to the appearance of utility, and the shiny blade draws the eye to it but also evokes a tactical perspective from on-lookers.

DPx Hostile Environment Survival Tool (HEST)

The DPx Hostile Environment Survival Tool (HEST) is just that; a survival tool. It’s not as large as the Trident 2.0, which makes the HEST more concealable. It comes with a KYDEX sheath with a couple of options to either wear it on your belt, or hanging from your neck under a jacket or vest. Wearing a knife on a neck rig can be a huge tactical advantage in a self-defense situation as most people wear knives on their hip. The HEST fits secure in the sheath and retention is excellent even without a strap to secure it.

Because there is no strap to retain the knife, the HEST can be deployed with a single hand. It’s light and slim with a textured handle featuring a stylish skull with a flat-bill hat. Who doesn’t like skulls and flat-bills?

The knife has a slick, black finish, which along with the flat black KYDEX sheath makes it disappear on your hip or your hand. The HEST has multiple tools built into the knife as well like a bottle opener. I think the bottle opener is worth the price of admission alone. Speaking of price, you cannot beat the price GovX has this knife at. Overall, I cannot find any issues with the HEST package.

SOG Slim Jim XL

Finally, the SOG Slim Jim XL may not seem like it fits into this review because it’s not a fixed blade knife meant to be worn outside of clothing. However, it’s actually comparable to the Trident 2.0 when open, making it a formidable weapon for self-defense. Though it’s long even when folded, this knife drops right into your pocket and disappears. It is extremely light and thin; barely wider than two quarters put together. Once the knife is in your pocket, you can reach your hand in and out to retrieve keys, change, or whatever without issue, unlike other knives hanging from a pocket clip. Personal experience has taught me those knives are not as comfortable as the Slim Jim XL.

The Slim Jim’s clip is reversible so you can put it in either pocket. It comes with a sliding safety on the top that can be engaged with one hand. The safety locks the knife closed or open and must be depressed to fold it back up.

The knife feels sturdy in the hand and though it is slim, the size and combination of subtle ridges and textured surfaces allow the hand to grasp the knife with no issue. I choose this knife when I don’t feel like opting for an open-carry larger knife. Though I said the knife is thin, the length of it may not be to everyone’s liking. If the size is an issue, you should consider the regular Slim Jim because the functionality is the same, but in a smaller package. For me, I figured if I was going to carry a knife; I might as well make it big!

In closing, all three knives are somewhat different. You cannot go wrong with any of the three knives as long as you use them for what they were intended for. I wear the Trident 2.0 when I ride my motorcycle so people see it and leave me alone. However, I can see how people might be freaked out to see it hanging off my hip sometimes, so in that case, I use the Slim Jim XL because nobody can see it. The DPx is an amazingly versatile knife that would serve you well in almost any situation. Finally, GovX pricing is second to none and the service has been great. If you are going to buy a knife and GovX has it, buy it from them.

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Douglas S.

3/19/2015 6:47 AM

Each description lacks an explanation of specific points of interest as well as the PURCHASE PRICE for each item.