Member Profile Series: Glenn S. / US Navy

Member Profile Series: Glenn S. / US Navy

Navy vet. Cold warrior. Cancer survivor. Biker dude.

Today, we’re introducing you to Glenn, this week’s #YOUAREGOVX member. He’s a witness to history who knows his way around a Navy ship, and he’s got a few stories to tell.

Glenn was part of the “all volunteer force” which formed just after the Vietnam War ended. Let’s put that in context here: It’s the mid-70s, and hometown support for the Armed Forces is at an all-time low.

So what does Glenn do?

Glenn joins the United States Navy, that’s what he does.

Ronald Reagan takes office in 1981, after President Carter arranged a drawdown of the military during his term. The Gipper takes one look at Soviet Russia and what they’re up to, and promptly changes course, arranging for the development of a 600-ship fleet, and ends the Cold War. Take that, Mr. Gorbachev.

And where’s Glenn all this time? He’s serving as a talented Electrician’s Mate and taking part in some of the most impactful historical events of the 80s. Let’s take a look at some of his highlights.

  • Served on the maiden voyage of a state-of-the-art frigate in 1980.
  • Supported the Invasion of Grenada in 1983.
  • Was a supporting crew member on the expedition when Robert Ballard located the wreck of the Titanic in 1985. Glenn helped discover the Titanic, people.
  • Supported SEAL teams and Force Recon Marines after terrorists hijacked an Italian cruise ship in 1985.
  • Served on a range ship and witnessed the Challenger explode over the Atlantic in 1986.

After leaving the military, the Navy wasn’t quite done with Glenn. Or perhaps Glenn wasn’t quite done with the Navy. Now he’s a project manager for a maintenance center at Naval Station Mayport, supporting the men and women who sail out on the high seas and mentoring the young guns on keeping ships in tip-shop shape.

Glenn rocks a Harley Davidson, rides regularly with his friends, and goes RVing with his wife of 32 years. Additionally, Glenn is a competitive distance runner, taking down 5Ks and half Marathons regularly. Why? Because Glenn lives his life as best he can, especially after living through prostate cancer surgery last year. Glenn’s motto is “live life wide open, and never quit.” (He’s also a fan of “pain don’t hurt” from the movie Roadhouse. We love this guy.)

Keep a positive attitude, surround yourself with friends, say a few prayers, and ride a Harley.

In other words, be like Glenn.

Glenn’s GovX Picks

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Chris B.

3/7/2015 11:20 AM

Wow, awesome story!

Richard H.

3/8/2015 1:40 AM

Cool story bro!!

frank d.

3/9/2015 8:52 AM

Nice Article about Glenn, I am also a Retire Chief and Own NAVYCHIEF.COM

Niall S.

3/9/2015 4:53 PM

Great Story !!! Glenn, thank you Sir for your dedicated service to this great country of ours.