February's Best GovX Reviews

February's Best GovX Reviews

Women's Stryke pants

I normally wear a 6 in jeans, I'm 5' 3" 140 athletic build. I ordered an 8 Regular (Black & Khaki) and they fit great, snug but not too tight. I primarily use these for work (video production) and the amount of pockets is very useful in holding various things: schedules, pens, tools, gaffer's tape, batteries, etc. They are durable, light and enough give to be able to stretch and bend if needed. Overall, great for most "active" jobs.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: 5.11 Tactical - Women's Stryke Pants

Great support

I have two pairs (black, white) of these sleeves. They are great for being on your feet all day (walking or just standing), working out and even while traveling. I would not work a long day without them, I can tell the difference when I don't wear them! I prefer these over the CEP socks because I can change out my socks a few times before having to wash the sleeves. They are tough to put on the first time but it gets easier with practice.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: CEP Compression - Women's Progressive+ Calf Sleeves 2.0

Military Grade Equipment

Let's be honest, this piece of equipment is probably above-military grade because military issue items are generally garbage. That being said, I love this charger. We get plenty of dust blowing around and plenty of moisture at Fort Hood, but I still have absolute confidence in the Mophie Powerstation Pro to keep going. I would say you can charge an iPhone 5 to full almost 3 times on the battery. I'm very satisfied with that for the price.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: mophie - Powerstation PRO

Wolf Creek Sleeping Bag

I bought this to take with me when climbing Mexico's highest peak. It kept me warm in zero degree temperatures and was easy to pack.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Alps Cedar Ridge - Wolf Creek 0° Long Sleeping Bag

Great, reliable EDC.

Everything is tight, yet moves easily. All of the craftsmanship you'd expect from Benchmade . It fits my hand well, and is my new EDC, replacing my Benchmade Adams Auto.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Benchmade - 8600 Auto Bedlam Knife

The Best!

Best work pants yet, between Galls, 511 Taclites and the Vertex Phantoms these are easily the Winner hands down!

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Vertx - Men's Phantom Pant

Truly Gr8 Eyewear!!!

Love these tactical sunglasses. I have taken these out in Singapore on a 5k run and if you know Singapore then you know about the humidity, and I was pleasantly surprised by them not fogging up. I came home and told my husband I would never own another pair of sunglasses unless they were tactical and with the same or better technology to protect my eyes. :) One very happy woman. I was hesitant at first since I didn't get to try them on first but they fit my head and wear wonderfully.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Edge Tactical - Final Sale - Falcon Polarized Sunglasses Kit

Bright idea!!!

Love this!!! I was tired of always having to remember to remove my lights from the bike when I park in a public spot. Love that you can not even take the batteries, but be careful when installing the batteries or changing them out because the tiny discreet screw to protect your batteries is tiny tiny. I almost lost it before I even got the batteries installed. Very bright and l love that it can flicker/pulse or be steady state shining. Can't wait til the afterburner comes out and with any luck GovX will carry that too! :D Love Love Love GovX and all the cool products such as this that they carry.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Fortified Bicycle - Defender Anti-Theft Bike Light - Chrome


This belt does EVERYTHING a belt should do. It makes me look good in Levi's off duty, supports a firearm and extra ammo better than anything I've owned before, and fits under my duty belt very well. Great buy!! Thanks guys (and gals!)

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: 5.11 Tactical - Apex T-Rail Belt - 1.5" Wide

So good, my husband wanted one!

I have had other HydroFlask items in the past and this one stands up to their great quality and product. It has quickly become my go to coffee mug, both at home and on the go. So awesome, that my husband asked me order one for him! Highly recommend!

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Hydro Flask - 18oz Wide Bottle with Hydro Flip Lid


I have the yellow lens and have been on the gun range for three days straight. I forgot I was wearing them. They never slipped, got foggy or became uncomfortable. I had to consciously remember I had them on. Extremely comfortable! Excellent glasses! I would recommend to family and friends.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Spy - Quanta Sunglasses - ANSI Certified

Sticky Nubs

Great case. Survived a good downpour with no issues. Has survived multiple 4 foot drops. Spouse left iPad on vehicle roof (sticky nub side down); traveled 5 miles at a top speed of 40mph, uphill/downhill, and turns, iPad was still on vehicle roof. The little rubber feet (sticky nubs) kept enough friction with the vehicle that it did not slide off.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: LifeProof - nüüd Case & Cover/Stand Bundle for iPad 2/3/4

Benchmade HK Entourage Made in USA

I have had my knife for about a week now and LOVE it. Construction feels sturdy, and the knife as a whole has great weight to it. Not too heavy but not too light either. The knife springs open every time with good force and always locks the blade in place. The catch release mechanism and button are also consistent in feel and operation. Belt clip is a little firm but it is also new and needs to be broken in. This is a superior quality knife as would be expected from Benchmade. This is the HK version that is also made in the good ole' US of A!!! This is a great knife and I am sure I will have it for a lifetime.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Benchmade - HK Entourage Knife

Love it

Love love love this!!! Perfect for walking my dog at night and being able to have my hands free.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: LED Lenser - FINAL SALE - USB-Rechargable SEO5R Headlamp + Reflective Headband

Great bottle

I bought this to keep my sweet tea in while I work 12 hour shifts. I sometimes don't have access to a fridge so this comes in handy. It keeps the drink cold for all 12 hours to where I don't need ice. I bought one for my mother in law to use in NH for her hot tea. It keeps her drink hot in single digits or worse.

WANT IT? GET IT HERE: Hydro Flask - 40oz Bottle

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