Gear Review - SKINS Compression Wear

Gear Review - SKINS Compression Wear

I’m not a stranger to compression clothing. Since college, I’ve maintained an active and competitive lifestyle, and I’ve valued compression gear for the energy, increased bloodflow, and powerful benefits it provides. I’ve taken both my habits and this gear into my training at the fire academy, and recently I’ve given the SKINS A400 gear a shot. I ordered the 3/4 Tights and the Short Sleeve Shirt. Let’s see how they work out.

Damn, This Stuff Is Tight

My first impression when putting on the SKINS A400s was that I was worried I’d ordered the wrong size. They were tight, certainly tighter than the competitor’s product I’d been wearing. The compressiveness of the both the A400 shirt and tights was considerably more noticeable that I’d expected. Within three minutes however, that sensation was gone and what began to replace it was a very form fitting but comfortable feel. The seams were virtually unnoticeable and the fabric (Memory MX) while snug seemed far more flexible and breathable than anything I’d previously worn. Maybe it was the literature I’d read before purchase but the compressive elements and locations certainly felt different.

Onto “The Grinder”... On Your Faces Gentlemen!

Time for the real test: The real world punishment that you get in the fire academy. Eight hours of relentless movement … running, push ups, mountain climbers, burpees, pulling hose, equipment carries, stair climbs and more. My first physically oriented observation was how cool I was staying. Mesh vents at the armpits and in the groin seemed to keep my core temperature regulated, something I hadn’t experienced during the previous weeks wearing other compression gear. Second, I had exceptional flexibility. There was absolutely no restriction in movement. I could barely notice that I was wearing the SKINS. With some compression products I can feel a resistance in my movement. I felt no negative impact with the SKINS. The other thing I’ve noticed in the past with competitor’s products is that during prolonged activity and work at the academy, the waistband and seams can become uncomfortable, cut into my hips and even chafe. I experienced none of these with the SKINS.

Now for the real eye opener… I seemed to have measurably more stamina. No joke here! At 45 years old, I’m pretty in tune with my body. I’ve trained a fair bit in my day and I can read the physical signs my body gives me … increased heart rate, increased respiration, sweating, decreased mental acuity and overall reduction in performance.

Trust me, when you’re chasing around a bunch of fit twenty somethings in a fire academy, you can get a little gassed. In two full days wearing the SKINS A400’s I felt better physically than I’d felt in months. I took less breaks, felt a decreased need for hydration and an overall reduction in muscle fatigue. Call it what you will … power of suggestion, technological breakthrough, etc… I don’t really care. Bottom line is, I feel better wearing the SKINS than without. Lastly, I’m simply not as sore following academy days after I’ve worn the SKINS A400’s. This allows me to recover more quickly and give the young guns a run for their money!

A Grateful Believer

I’m convinced that the SKINS Compression Clothing is giving me a competitive advantage. If I feel better due to either a technological miracle or a mental perception, the underlying result is the same. I’m performing better and at 45 years old I’ll take whatever advantage I can get.

Happy training,

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Scott Seymour

The son of an avid outdoorsman and early waterman, Scott Seymour was born into an adventurous lifestyle. Having spent most of his formative years along the remote beaches of Baja California and the dusty backroads of nearly every mountain range on the western edge of North America he understands what its like to live off the beaten path and on the road less travelled. Those early years were spent diving, surfing, fishing, mountaineering, exploring, prospecting and getting lost and found literally and figuratively on a regular basis. While an atypical childhood it may have been, it forged an adventurous spirit and a thirst for life that has continued to guide him through adulthood.

As a collegiate volleyball player at UCLA, Scott developed a passion for teamwork and helping others meet their maximum potential. He went on to build a successful career leading and managing highly efficient sales teams for various national and global organizations. In 2008, feeling that familiar yearning for adventure he made a career 180 and for the past several years has worked as a bail and recovery agent in Southern California. Scott is also a registered EMT and first responder and will be starting the fire academy in January of this year with the goal of becoming a paramedic.

A self proclaimed “gear junkie” Scott can still be found most days researching and testing new equipment and strategies while stand up paddling, surfing or exploring the coastlines of Southern California or Mexico.

He resides in San Clemente with his wife and two junior watermen.

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