Gear Review - Vertx - Phantom Ops Airflow Pants

Gear Review - Vertx - Phantom Ops Airflow Pants

When our members take the time to write up thorough reviews on the gear they buy and use, we admire them for their professional perspective and for helping others enjoy GovX. Here's an Army veteran's hard look at the Phantom Ops Airflow Pants after putting them to the test at the range and on the trails.


This is an incredible set of pants. I had read a lengthy review back in the middle of 2013, and thought this airflow idea would never come about in a more affordable package. Man, was I glad to be ever so wrong. Once the "Airflow" was licensed to VertX, I couldn't wait to get a pair.

The fabric is stiff for a poly/cotton blend, but after a few washes it softens up. It won't be a 5.11 TacLite kind of thinness, but it’s still comfortable. I point this out because I was a little disappointed when I opened the shipping box, and found the pants just as almost rough/stiff as the shipping box it came in. Hah.

The mesh used in integral places are key to its design. The act of walking facilitates a breeze through the pant-way and it does what it promises to do: Keeps you cool.

The pockets are excellent, with thought given to the placement of accessories such as flashlights and knives/tools. A note about the cargo pockets: due to the mesh inside and some out, I wouldn't recommend two full pistol mags, much less rifle mags like some cargos can be made to accommodate. These cargo pockets will be the size you're used to in other pants, so don't dismay on the capacity. My perhaps unfounded doubts lie in the ability to have full mags in there while committed to a jog in training. Also, there isn't a stitch of hook and loop tape on these pants, but the pockets are designed with the flap sewn over to keep everything in its respective place. It works very well, and I have found nothing escapes in prone or fetal prone, or when just generally crawling around.

The waist has some slight give due to elastic inserts, as found in many brands catered to concealed carriers. Know that these have the least amount of give of pants that I've tried, so if you carry IWB with not only your main, but your BUG and or spare mags, I'd encourage a size up to facilitate room.

There are no pockets at the knees for kneepad inserts, but that has never bothered me as I don't utilize them on other pants that have them anyway. Just food for thought.

All in all, they are an incredibly great idea and VertX has executed it very well here.

- Jeremy Y.


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Anthony K.

7/1/2015 4:41 PM

While this is really a very extensive and impressive write up I was not at all impressed with these pants. The picture fails to demonstrate that the pants are open on the inner leg - I mean open, as in open to the air. You can actually see your skin through the pants. So all of the dust, dirt, and grit go through the pants and into your boots. I had originally wanted these for EMS work but all of the saliva, urine, vomit, and various other bodily fluids I am exposed to at work will simply pass through the open mesh onto my legs, and again into my boots with the dirt and grim. I have to send these back since they have a very, very limited application. I am having great difficulty finding EMS pants in colors other than black and midnight blue - I had high hopes for these pants, but no longer.

Jeremy Y.

7/22/2015 5:53 PM

I too work on a unit and hadn't thought about wearing them in that role. I agree with your assessment, given universal precautions and the prevalence that your PPE starts with base layers that offer splash protection and footwear that can defend against fallen needles, I also would choose not to wear these pants in a commercial medic role. As to your other observation, I routinely participate in outdoor shooting events that involve aggressive movements to and from the ground. As a former infantryman, lucky enough to have served in two of the most well known line units in history, literally having just the chance of getting dirt on my legs was so, honestly, so far removed from being a perceived problem, I admit to failing at mentioning how that may be a great concern for someone. I personally don't find this happening to me, on the range or in off trail orienteering such as looking for geocaches with my teen child. Excellent point about PPE coverage! Thank you for the reply.