Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker Review

Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker Review

If you’re at all like me, your music goes everywhere with you. It enhances everything I do … writing, running, surfing (yes, surfing … check out the Waterfi headphones on this site) working out, studying, camping and life. I couldn’t function without my music. The challenge is that I lead a very active life; one that tends to transpire in the outdoors, which was until recently not the best environment for most electronic devices.

The bluetooth speaker market has exploded in recent years. A quick Google search will immediately overwhelm you with manufacturers, products, specs, and spin. I know all too well having recently gone through this process trying to locate the perfect wireless speaker for my son. Much of the confusion lies in the broad spectrum of potential applications. Are you looking for a wireless speaker for your home, work, or the outdoors? If your answer is the latter, look no further … I’ve done the research for you. You’ll definitely want the Fugoo bluetooth speaker.

The Environment

There are three types of Fugoo speakers available, the Sport, the Style and the Tough. Each comes with an interchangeable protective case and is designed with outdoors in mind and can take a beating regardless of the environment. Their sheer ruggedness is what truly sets the Fugoo apart from its competitors. Fugoo is 100% waterproof and rugged. Each is designed with an IP67 Protection rating, which means it is tested to nearly six-foot drops to concrete with no change to functionality. It can also withstand three feet underwater for 30 minutes and is nearly impervious to snow, sand, dust, and mud. If you can think of a place to take your Fugoo, it can definitely can go there, and chances are it’s probably already been. Don’t believe me? Go look for yourself—there are plenty of images online showing the Fugoo out in the elements … snow, mud, sand, and even semi-submerged in water.

Quality and Performance

It should be noted that the founders of Fugoo come from industry stalwarts like Harmon Kardon, JBL, and Toshiba. It’s not surprising therefore that the Fugoo speakers are at the top of the class when it comes to the bluetooth speaker market. Case in point: its incredible battery life—up to 40 hours of continuous play time. The closest competitor I can find has a mere 20 hours. And then there’s the sound … every Fugoo speaker is designed with “Core-X” technology and 6 symmetrically placed speakers (two full-range drivers, two tweeters and two bass speakers). The combination and placement of these speakers creates 360 degree sound that is unparalleled in the industry. So whether you’re sitting at the beach, around the campfire or at the summit of your favorite peak, with the Fugoo bluetooth speaker you’re guaranteed to enjoy rich, full, immersive music.

The Skinny

In my opinion there is not a better portable wireless speaker on the market today. That’s saying a lot given how crowded this space has become. But if you’re looking for obscene durability, premier design and functionality, exceptional sound quality, best in-class battery life and a manageable footprint, there’s no one that competes with Fugoo. I can tell you with confidence this is one of those run-don’t-walk products that will bring you years of enjoyment.

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Scott Seymour

The son of an avid outdoorsman and early waterman, Scott Seymour was born into an adventurous lifestyle. Having spent most of his formative years along the remote beaches of Baja California and the dusty backroads of nearly every mountain range on the western edge of North America he understands what its like to live off the beaten path and on the road less travelled. Those early years were spent diving, surfing, fishing, mountaineering, exploring, prospecting and getting lost and found literally and figuratively on a regular basis. While an atypical childhood it may have been, it forged an adventurous spirit and a thirst for life that has continued to guide him through adulthood.

As a collegiate volleyball player at UCLA, Scott developed a passion for teamwork and helping others meet their maximum potential. He went on to build a successful career leading and managing highly efficient sales teams for various national and global organizations. In 2008, feeling that familiar yearning for adventure he made a career 180 and for the past several years has worked as a bail and recovery agent in Southern California. Scott is also a registered EMT and first responder and will be starting the fire academy in January of this year with the goal of becoming a paramedic.

A self proclaimed “gear junkie” Scott can still be found most days researching and testing new equipment and strategies while stand up paddling, surfing or exploring the coastlines of Southern California or Mexico.

He resides in San Clemente with his wife and two junior watermen.

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