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About GovX

To our GovX Members, we’re sure glad you’re here. GovX was built for you and is supported by us and of all our suppliers, manufacturer-partners, shippers and others…just for you. It’s the best, most privileged shopping experience for people who serve or have served in the Armed Forces or otherwise employed by related government agencies; it’s a place to exercise a privilege not extended to others in the marketplace, just you. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create the ultimate, privileged, e-commerce destination for active duty, reserve and retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces and related government agencies.

What We Do

GovX is a privileged e-commerce Web site where qualified members of the U.S. Armed Forces and those in related government agencies can shop for premium off-duty apparel, equipment and other products as well as on–duty tactical products. Prospective Members simply submit their registration to qualify as a Member and once approved, you can begin shopping, saving and interacting on the site. 

We wrap our superb customer service around a largely direct-from-manufacture purchasing system using a sophisticated, inter-connected, e-commerce platform connecting us with our shippers, manufacturers and our entire customer support team and manufacturer support team, all to deliver you prompt and select products with exclusive pricing.

We are, or expect to soon become, the Internet’s leading destination for verified members of the Armed Forces (and related government agencies) to shop for premium tactical and off-duty products.

Our History

Two of our founders were involved in the development and operation of, the Internet’s most popular, single brand, direct-to-military, tactical e-commerce Web site offering Oakley® tactical products. Our founding CEO was largely responsible for developing Oakley’s military-direct sales channel and became the Internet’s leading, privately held, member-verified ecommerce Web site for Armed Services and government employee access. Oakley acquired the USSI web site from our founders and soon after, GovX was formed to undertake the broader mission of not only delivering a range of premium tactical gear from select manufacturers but also offering great, “Life After Work” products with the same exclusive pricing.

To that end, we have assembled, and continue to add, great manufacturer-partners who directly deliver their products to you through this protected and privileged sales channel,

In addition to, we offer select tactical products to government buyers and suppliers through our special buying service, GovX Prime Direct Contact us if you are a contracting officer and you are otherwise unable to purchase through

How to Become a Member

It’s simple to join GovX’s rapidly growing Membership base. Simply complete the registration process and, once approved, you can begin browsing, saving and shopping immediately. If you are a current, reserve or retired member of the Armed Forces, or a qualifying employee of related government agencies, just begin here.

Our Team

Company Founders, Management Team and Advisory Board

The founders and senior management team of GovX have had successful professional careers and possess complementary skill-sets, expertise, and years of experience. Their collective backgrounds cover disciplines as diverse as technology, marketing, operations, management and finance, and include histories in the relevant industries of e-commerce and the Internet, communications and information services. The companies they have managed include start-ups as well as more mature businesses in and out of technology.

Founders’ Backgrounds

Marc Van Buskirk

CEO, Managing Director & Founder

Mr. Van Buskirk serves as a founder, Managing Director and the CEO of GovX. Prior to founding GovX, Mr. Van Buskirk worked with Oakley, Inc., where he formed the company’s military and government sales division and successfully built the operation to over $60 million in annual revenues. Mr. Van Buskirk worked with Oakley for over 25 years to establish and expand the company’s military sales organization. This involved adapting certain of Oakley’s products to meet U.S. Military tactical specifications and representing Oakley to the military and government suppliers and direct buyers. As part of his engagement with Oakley, he formed Pacifica Sales Corp, which developed, owned and operated, believed to be the largest, privately operated, direct-to-government-employee ecommerce site. quickly grew to over $30 million in sales and, in 2009, Oakley acquired Pacifica Sales and Mr. Van Buskirk continued with Oakley through early 2011 and, with his partners, formed

Mr. Van Buskirk has longstanding relationships with the key military branches and related government agencies including the FBI, Secret Service, Border Patrol, DEA as well as police, fire and other protective and enforcement agencies. In addition to overseeing the company’s strategy and operations, Mr. Van Buskirk will lead GovX’s business development and key relations with the Company’s Vendor-Partners whose products and services are offered through the GovX service.

Mr. Van Buskirk received a B.A. in Urban Policy & Planning from the University of Southern California.

Anthony Farwell,

President, Managing Director & Founder

Mr. Farwell is a founder, managing director and President of GovX. Throughout his career, he has built a number of successful media and technology companies. He is Founder & Vice Chairman of ClosingCorp, the largest real estate services pricing and transaction system serving large banks, major Web sites and the real estate industry. He was a principal shareholder and board member of STATS, Inc., the most widely-distributed sports data provider serving most broadcasters, cable companies, sports Web sites, Associated Press and a range of other news outlets, before it acquisition by News Corp. Mr. Farwell was president and a principal shareholder of Hollywood Media Corp. (NASDAQ: HOLL), which owns and operates as well as leading ticketing services, and He and his partners sold Hollywood Media to The Times Mirror Company before later taking it public.

Mr. Farwell was also a co-founder and a general partner of TV Data Technologies, LP, the largest TV listings data information provider serving newspapers, electronic program guides and digital video recorder platforms such as TiVo. TV Data was acquired by The Tribune Company. Mr. Farwell was a senior executive of CableSouth, Inc., which he and his partner built into one of the largest independent multiple-system cable operators in the Southeast before its sale to Charter Communications.

Mr. Farwell is President of Farwell Capital, LLC, and is also a founder and Managing Director of Fruition Ventures LLC.

He received a B.A., Economics, from UCLA and a joint International MBA (TRIUM) from the London School of Economics, HEC - Graduate School of Management, (Hautes Études Commerciales) Paris, and NYU Stern School of Business, where he graduated first in his class. He is also a graduate of the Stanford Business School Program for Smaller Companies.

Shannon Van Buskirk

Chief Operating Officer, Managing Director & Founder

Ms. Van Buskirk is a founder, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of GovX. Before founding GovX, Ms. Van Buskirk was a co-founder and served as Chief Operating Officer of Pacifica Sales where she was responsible for overseeing the design and development of the popular Web site. Ms. Van Buskirk was also responsible for all of Pacifica Sales’ operations, customer support, technical operations and accounting. Her development and management of ecommerce Web site led to its success in growing to over $30 million in ecommerce sales of tactical eyewear, boots, gloves and other items directly from Oakley to military personnel and other government agencies. Prior to co-founding Pacifica Sales, Ms. Van Buskirk had a very successful 18 year career in residential real estate. A real estate executive with Coldwell Banker in La Jolla before moving to the Willis Allen Company, the largest independently operated real estate company in Southern California. 

Ms. Van Buskirk is responsible for overseeing the design of Web site as well as all customer support and key operations of the company. She received a B.A. in Communications from the University of the Pacific.

Management Team

Rob Morrison

Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Morrison serves as CTO for GovX and oversees all software development associated with the Web site as well as integrations with Vendor-Partner ERP/ecommerce platforms. Prior to joining GovX, Mr. Morrison was a partner with Kore Technologies, where he was a Web architect and senior developer for the company’s ecommerce Web platform used by large institutions to facilitate e-commerce transactions through integrations with large enterprise systems. Prior to joining Kore Technologies, Mr. Morrison was a technical lead with Intuit, which owns Quicken, QuickBooks and other financial and accounting software applications.

Prior to his work at Intuit, Mr. Morrison was Manager of Advanced Product Development for Epicor where he managed a large-scale Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system designed for Microsoft BackOffice.

Mr. Morrison received a B.S. in Computer Sciences from East Carolina University.

Jillian Brownlee

Director of E-commerce Operations

Ms. Brownlee serves as Director of E-commerce Operations for GovX and oversees all software development projects, principally associated with the ecommerce platform. Prior to joining GovX, Ms. Brownlee was a Web Project and Client Manager for San Diego Media, a popular ecommerce platform provider. She was responsible for managing projects and clients that represented over half of the company’s revenues and, among other things, developed Web strategies to increase ecommerce revenues as well as lower operating costs. Prior to joining San Diego Media, Ms. Brownlee was a Media Operations Coordinator for Digitas, an ad management system where she oversaw client relationships with such companies as American Express and New York Times.

Ms. Brownlee received a B.S. in Communications from Cornell University where she graduated with an emphasis on Systems and Technology and a focus on Computer Programming.

Joel Pasion

Creative Director

Mr. Pasion serves as the Creative Director and oversees all design projects for GovX, from marketing materials, e-mail campaigns, website design and working with our vendor partners to build their brand presence on the GovX website. Prior to joining GovX, Mr. Pasion was the Creative Director for ClosingCorp, a real estate services provider website. Before joining ClosingCorp, Joel was the Product Manager and Creative Director for a large web marketing firm, working mostly with NFL teams and college sports teams. He has produced work for the Oakland Raiders, Baltimore Ravens, Atlanta Falcons, Washington Redskins, Philadelphia Eagles, as well as the University of Michigan, University of Tennessee, University of Arizona, and University of Texas.

Before moving to San Diego, Mr. Pasion was the Manager of Web Services at the University of St. Francis in Fort Wayne, Indiana where he also taught Web and multimedia courses for the School of Arts and several technology courses for the School of Business and the School of Education. Prior to his work at the university, Mr. Pasion served as the Webmaster for Fort Wayne Newspapers where he won several awards for his work in design and information architecture. Mr. Pasion started his career in the Internet industry at Target Headquarters in Minneapolis and at Anderson Consulting in Chicago. He received a B.S. in Biology from St. John's University.