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With an impact and splash resistant design and 6000 mAh capacity, you can be assured that no matter how extreme your weekend gets, all your gear will have the power it needs come Monday.  Its tough design and 2.1amp, high-output charging keeps you going in the most extreme conditions. This powerstation has the largest capacity of all juice packs and has the ability to handle all of your smart devices. View our powerstation compatibility chart.

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Great power, great protection

Because the powerstation is universal and will work with most USB devices, it's hard to be specific about how much additional power you will get – it depends on what kind of battery you are charging and what you’re using it for. But at 6000 mAh, rest assured that this thing will keep you going for days.

IP65 rated

When we say this thing is rugged, we mean it. With a rating of IP65, the powerstation PRO has been tested using international standards for dust and water resistance (IP = Ingress Protection).

A rating of 65 means that this device is totally dust-proof (with the ports closed) and resistant to water being sprayed at it with a water-jet. Getting the powerstation PRO wet is no big deal (even in the shower*), but don’t try taking a bath with it.


Although the powerstation will charge most smartphones and tablets, please see this chart for products we've tested and confirmed.

Frequently asked questions

Will the juice pack powerstation charge my iPhone?
-Darn right it will. The juice pack powerstation is fully compatible with every iPhone and iPod touch.

Can I charge my iPad with the powerstation?
Yes, the powerstation can provide hours of charge to an iPad. It will not, however, provide a complete charge to the iPad.

Can I charge the powerstation from a computer’s USB port?
-Yes, the powerstation will charge from any high-current USB port – which are available on most computers. Lower current available ports on some computers, as well as USB ports on keyboards and hubs, may not effectively charge the powerstation.

Will the powerstation charge my device?
-The powerstation has been designed to charge a variety of USB devices – specifically smartphones and tablets. We have done extensive testing on a variety of products and can assure you that this device is fully compatible with most smart devices available today.

Which port is used for charging the powerstation and which port is used to charge my device?
-Connect your cable using the bigger, rectangular USB port to charge your device. The smaller, micro USB port is used to recharge the powerstation.

How many additional hours will I receive with the powerstation?
-Because the powerstation is universal and will work with most USB devices, its hard to be specific about how much additional power you will get – it depends on what kind of battery you are charging and what you’re using it for. But at 6000 mAh, rest assured that this thing will keep you going for days.

Can I charge my device while charging the powerstation?
-Sorry. This device does not have pass-through capability. Please charge the powerstation separately from other devices.

How do I start charging my device once connected?
-Simply press the status indicator button to begin charging.


  • Product Dimensions: 2.68 in x 4.53 in x 1.03 in
  • Battery Capacity: 6000 mAh
  • Item model number: 2028_JPU-PWRSTION-PRO
  • Product Compatibility: Smart phones, tablets & gaming devices
  • Package Content Included: mophie juice pack powerstation® PRO, USB charging cable, User Manual
  • Patent Pending
  • iPhone, iPad, iPod not included

Product reviews for mophie - Powerstation PRO

Cody K.
A lot of juice!
It takes a long time to charge, but on the flip side it will recharge your devices at least 3x full
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Kyle S.
Military Grade Equipment
Let's be honest, this piece of equipment is probably above-military grade because military issue items are generally garbage. That being said, I love this charger. We get plenty of dust blowing around and plenty of moisture at Fort Hood, but I still have absolute confidence in the Mophie Powerstation Pro to keep going. I would say you can charge an iPhone 5 to full almost 3 times on the battery. I'm very satisfied with that for the price.

My only complaint is the lack of pass-through capability.

It charges incredibly quick, even while using the device. I'm in the field right now, using it as I write this review.
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gary w.
great devise
I have had my Mophie for about 3 months. Love it! It charges my cell phone and kindle fairly quickly. It small and fits in my back pack very nicely! I don't always have access to power outlet and the Mophie is perfect! Love it!
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Christopher H.
Juice pack
Works great
Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
james m.
Great product
Worth the money, get 2 to 3 charges on a iPhone from this unit... Great for traveling
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Daniel D.
Juice Pack
Charges all devices without any problems
Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
Rachael D.
Great Battery
Can charge my Iphone 2 or 3 times on one charge from this battery. Love it.
Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
John M.
Quick when you need it
Can't say enough about these folks. Great service, fast shipping and excellent follow up if needed.
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Cody I.
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