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by: LifeProof
Picture of Nüüd Case & Cover/Stand Bundle for iPad 2/3/4 - Black
Black Picture of Nüüd Case & Cover/Stand Bundle for iPad 2/3/4 - Black
White Picture of Nüüd Case & Cover/Stand Bundle for iPad 2/3/4 - White
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Naked touch experience, LifeProof confidence. Protect your iPad with LifeProof water proof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof protection. Experience the freedom to stay connected, work and play everywhere life takes you with no compromise to the screen quality or touch experience, while maintaining full functionality and excellent audio quality. Take your iPad in the tub, out in the elements, even let the kids enjoy it without a worry. The LifeProof iPad case protects your device from bangs, bumps and drops, rain, snow, drink spills, even dirt, mud and dust. Experience all the freedom a LifeProof iPad Case can offer.


  • "Best Gadgets of the Week" - ABC News
  • "Another Way to Take Your iPad Underwater" - NY Times
  • "Take Gorgeous Underwater Photos with this iPad Cover" - Mashable

**Please Note: This product is not compatible with the iPad Air.**

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LifeProof products are a GovX favorite, among our members and staff alike. The reason is simple: LifeProof cases offer unrivaled protection for iOS devices. We’ve heard members tell stories of taking their phones surfing and snowboarding. Folks have trekked through mud runs with their phones. We even heard of a customer use her iPad while cooking in the kitchen and washing it off in the sink! These products are meant to defend your iOS device from just about anything.


Take your iPad with you wherever life might take you. The LifeProof nüüd case for iPad offers water proof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof protection and features a totally naked screen so you can enjoy your iPad as Apple intended it. Delivering perfect visual clarity and uncompromised touch experience, while giving you LifeProof confidence to use your iPad at the beach, construction site, or simply letting the kids be kids with your iPad.


LifeProof’s nüüd case allows for perfect tactile response and visual clarity while your iPad remains protected from water, dirt, snow and shocks.


  • Confidence that your iPad is protected, whether you use it for work, play or give it to the kids 
  • Built to meet or exceed IP-68 and Military Standards allowing you to take your iPad everywhere 
  • Ability to take into wet environments, including total submersion under water 


  • Water Proof: Fully submerge to 6.6 feet for 30 minutes 
  • Dirt Proof: Totally sealed from dirt and minute dust particles to the IP- 68 rating 
  • Snow Proof: Fully enclosed to keep out all melting snow and ice to the IP-68 rating 
  • Shock Proof: Designed to Military Standards to withstand drops from 4 feet 


  • Works with both iPad 2 and iPad Gen 3 
  • Light weight construction with premium high-impact materials for optimal strength to weight ratio 
  • Unique combination of materials that allow grip for use when wet or dusty, but will not stick to other objects in your bag 
  • Easy to install or remove when required 

Full Functionality

  • Every feature of the iPad is fully accessible and functional, including the volume controls, silent / screen lock, sleep button, home button and access to the charge and sync connector port 
  • Large speaker ports allow you to get the most out of your music and movies using LifeProof’s Sound Enhancement System 
  • CrystalClear double AR coated real glass lens for high quality images 


To give you confidence to go everywhere with your LifeProof iPhone, iPod and iPad we water test each and every case we make. Not only that, after the test an independent agent performs additional testing and even puts randomly selected cases through a second water test. We never ship a case unless it has been successfully tested. As LifeProof employees we use our cases every day, so we only make cases we trust ourselves!

Military Standard 810F-516 MIL STD 810 F is the standard that addresses a broad range of environmental conditions, with MIL STD 810F-516 being the section of the standard that is specific to functional drop. This standard requires that the item can physically and functionally withstand the relatively infrequent, non-repetitive shocks encountered in handling, transportation, and service environments. This may include an assessment of the overall material system integrity for safety purposes in any one or all of the handling, transportation, and service environments.

IEL 60529 is the standard for Ingress Protection from water and dust for enclosures. IP-68 is the most rigorous classification in this specification. The first characteristic number describes protection from solid foreign objects. An enclosure with a characteristic number of 6 can withstand exposure to circulating talcum powder for 8 hours with no dust ingress after that period. The second characteristic number describes protection against water. An enclosure with a characteristic number of 8 exceeds all other water protection levels and is specified by the manufacturer. For LifeProof, number 8 signifies LifeProof cases will withstand immersion in water to a depth of 2 meters / 6.6 feet for 30 minutes.

  • Case Dimensions 265 x 208 x 20.5 millimeters 10.43 x 8.18 x 0.81 inches 
  • Case Weight 310 grams 9.97 ounces 
  • Operating Temperature for iPad 32°F (0°C) to 95°F (35°C) 
  • Temperature Range -40°F (-40°C) to 140°F (+60°C) 
  • Operational Depth 6.6 feet (2 meters) underwater for 30 minutes 
  • Drop Height 4 feet (1.2 meters)
David R.
New home
Wanted a way to bring my iPad with me on vacation without it getting ruined. Waterproofing caught my eye. The case passed the initial water test just fine. I like how I'm able to interact with the actual screen of the device without there being a plastic cover to affect the resolution of the screen. Thankfully, have yet to -fully- put the case through it's paces, but it's performed nicely so far. Feels solid, my iPad will be living in this case from here out.
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Blake C.
Solid product
Works great. Keeps my ipad protected.
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Koby H.
Top quality brand, great prices!
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Sticky Nubs
Great case. Survived a good downpour with no issues. Has survived multiple 4 foot drops. Spouse left iPad on vehicle roof (sticky nub side down); traveled 5 miles at a top speed of 40mph, uphill/downhill, and turns, iPad was still on vehicle roof. The little rubber feet (sticky nubs) kept enough friction with the vehicle that it did not slide off.
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Debra M.
Will not buy another - not "lifeproof' here
I have had the case for about 15 months, and it is now coming apart. It sees heavy use, gets stuffed into my purse daily, and is used by my grandkids at least one weekend a month. The grey "gasket" around the outside is now coming off the case, and I think that probably impacts the waterproofing. I have also had to recently take the iPad out of the case and the inner gasket ring seems to have malformed over time. Also note that you must use the adapter cord to plug anything into the speaker jack and not items will work through the adapter (Credit card reader for one). Going with a less expensive alternative to replace this with, one that has stood up to grandkids daily use at son's house for over 2 years.
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