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WATERMANS®: APPLIED SCIENCE stands committed to providing quality sun protection products to those individuals for whom life in the shade is not an option. We offer the best, most effective and functional, high-performance sunscreens on the market, specifically designed for high-intensity water and endurance athletes. Our sunscreen is formulated to stand up to the rigorous demands of an active life in the sun, wind and water. Our goal: to ensure a day in the sun doesn’t mean a lifetime of dealing with the consequences.


For those of us who spend extended periods of time off-shore, on the road or simply in the sun, protecting ourselves from the UV radiation is no laughing matter. 1 in 5 people will get skin cancer in their lifetime (1 in 3 Caucasians) and spending excessive time on the outdoors only increases the amount of UV radiation we expose ourselves too. Watersports athletes must be especially careful; water can increase the potency of the suns UV radiation by as much as 50%. Here at Watermans: Applied Science we feel it is important to educate oneself on sun damage and the issues and influences associated with skin cancer, advanced aging, and other complications associated with sun exposure.

*Watermans ships from California*


GovX and Watermans Applied Science strive to provide the best customer service possible. Returns are accepted if the product is damaged.

If you need to return an item you ordered with, contact one of our Customer Support Team members at 888-468-5511 to obtain a Return Authorization Number.* (Do not contact manufacturer directly – All returns must be processed through GovX).

ALL RETURNS MUST HAVE A RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER that can only be provided by contacting at 888-468-5511 or by emailing us at

*Keep the following guidelines in mind: (i) all items must be returned in new, unused condition, and will undergo quality checks. All product packaging materials--including boxes, manuals, warranty cards, instructions, tags, and any other materials in the original shipment--must be returned with your returned item(s), (ii) our return policy is subject to each Manufacturer-Partner’s individual return policy, which may vary from the GovX policy, in which case, the Manufacturer-Partner’s policy prevails (See WATERMANS RETURN INFORMATION below), and, (iii) we do not cover postage expense on returned items unless there are special circumstances which will be explained when you call us to arrange for your return.


  • If you receive the product and it is damaged or defected in any way, contact and we will exchange it at no cost.
  • There are no returns unless the product is damaged or defected.
  • GovX will reimburse shipping charges (up to $10.00) on any item found to be defective.


We do not process exchanges. To return an item, please contact GovX direct at 1.888.468-5511 to obtain a Return Authorization number and instructions on returning