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Various departments including but not limited to Air Marshals, ATF, BLM, Border Patrol, CIA, Corrections, DEA, DHS, DOC, DOD, FAA, FDA, FBI, ICE, IRS, Justice/Courthouse, NASA, NS

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To Those Who Serve...Thank You
By Scott Seymour

In life there are those special human beings who put others before self. A rare breed of individual who places the needs, safety and protection of others above their own security and well being. History is filled with stories of their sacrifice and valor.

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Serving those who serve

To our GovX Members, we’re sure glad you’re here. GovX was built for you and is supported by us and of all our suppliers, manufacturer-partners, shippers and others…just for you.

A bit about GovX… Our Mission is to be the ultimate privileged e-commerce destination for active duty, reserve, veteran and retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces and related government agencies. GovX and its partners give back to you with the lowest prices on premium off-duty apparel, accessories, sports equipment and other products as well as on–duty tactical products from knives to body armor and tactical clothing.

If you serve or have ever served in the US Armed Forces or law enforcement, first responder or related government agencies, GovX is for you. GovX even has you covered with government and military discount tickets to most major league sports events, concerts, races, and more. Registering for GovX is free, easy and secure. Once approved, you can begin shopping, saving and receiving the benefits of your GovX membership.