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Active, Reserve, Veteran, Retired, Dependent


Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, National Guard

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Active and Retired


Police, Sheriff, Highway Patrol

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Fire, Ems, First responders

Active and Retired


Fire, EMS (Public, Private, Volunteer, Hospital, Non-Profit, Lifeguards)

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Active and Retired


Various departments including but not limited to Air Marshals, ATF, BLM, Border Patrol, CIA, Corrections, DEA, DHS, DOC, DOD, FAA, FDA, FBI, ICE, IRS, Justice/Courthouse, NASA, NS

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We say thank you by bringing you 300+ brands and 50,000 products and events at the lowest prices on the web.

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  • I love the variety of products you offer. My husband has bookmarked this site and is on it constantly, browsing every category!

    R. Smith Nov. 20 / 2014

  • Appreciate everything your company does for those who serve! This is my first purchase with you, the first of many! Keep kicking a** and thank you kindly!

    S. Landa Nov. 16 / 2014

  • You guys kick a**.

    K. Gonzalez Nov. 13 / 2014

  • Love your site, products, and the great service.

    R. Whitfield Nov. 12 / 2014

  • I'd like to thank you guys at GovX for your support of the troops and other agencies that you provide discounts to. It is really great to be able to go to one site for all our wants and needs.

    C. Jenkins Nov. 8 / 2014

  • Every time I shop from GovX it is a positive experience. Thanks for everything you guys do. Keep it up.

    A. Sutton Nov. 1 / 2014

  • Thank you for having a site made for first responders. No one ever gets into this job to get rich, and money certainly doesnt grow on trees. I'll certainly be shopping here quite often. Thank you again.

    E. Thomas Sept. 19 / 2014

  • You guys are friggin' awesome.

    R. Motter Oct. 30 / 2014

  • I really love the amount of products you guys put on the website and you guys are professional in every aspect of customer satisfaction!

    F. Delarosa Nov. 5 / 2014

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At GovX you will find what is currently offered in retail stores. Shop hundreds of brands from tactical to practical.

Lowest authorized price on the web on authentic products that ship direct from the manufacturer.

Hundreds of exclusive discounts on major league sports and event tickets.

Premium Brands, Outdoor Gear, Apparel, Eyewear, Tech, Tactical, Major League Sports & Event Tickets & more!

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We heard you, loud and clear. And GoPro heard you too. We’re proud to announce that GoPro is stepping up to honor our military and first responder members here on GovX.

FOR YOUR MISSION. FOR YOUR LIFE. FOR YOU. You’ve earned these exclusive, member-only prices.

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GovX has your back. Shop over 300 brands, and 60,000 products for the best savings on the web. shop now

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Serving those who serve

To our GovX Members, we’re sure glad you’re here. GovX was built for you and is supported by us and of all our suppliers, manufacturer-partners, shippers and others…just for you.

A bit about GovX… Our Mission is to be the ultimate privileged e-commerce destination for active duty, reserve, veteran and retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces and related government agencies. GovX and its partners give back to you with the lowest prices on premium off-duty apparel, accessories, sports equipment and other products as well as on–duty tactical products from knives to body armor and tactical clothing.

If you serve or have ever served in the US Armed Forces or law enforcement, first responder or related government agencies, GovX is for you. GovX even has you covered with government and military discount tickets to most major league sports events, concerts, races, and more. Registering for GovX is free, easy and secure. Once approved, you can begin shopping, saving and receiving the benefits of your GovX membership.